IT Talks: Intersecting IT and Audit using COBIT 5 (January 5, 20:00)


Topic: IT Talks: Intersecting IT and Audit using COBIT5

Time: Jan 5, 2018 8:00 PM Astana

Language: English

In many organizations today, the primary focus of IT assurance and audit efforts are largely based on the highly visible aspects of cybersecurity, external compliance requirements, and specific pain points. This is certainly a good start, but an enterprise’s ability to create value for stakeholders requires assurance with many more aspects of the organization. Architecting an audit program that focuses on the real value enablers of any company is key, and the COBIT 5 Framework has the tools and methods needed to accomplish this.

In this highly interactive presentation, we will explore a methodology to create a valuable holistic approach to audit and assurance by using common tools available with the COBIT 5 Framework, and use a real world scenario to illustrate the power of intersecting IT and audit using the enablers from COBIT 5, offering an entirely new perspective on the utility of this framework.

After completing this session, you will be able to:

Recognize the applicable products in the COBIT 5 product family needed to develop a holistic approach to assurance. Understand the elements of creating a risk-based approach to developing an assurance strategy for IT. Appreciate the intersection of balancing performance and conformance with respect to assurance of IT services using COBIT 5.

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